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Kaštel Sućurac

In Kaštel Sucurac stands the oldest defensive fortress built in 1392 by A. Gvaldo the archbishop of Split to protect peasants from the settlement Putalj which was situated on the slopes of Kozjak, near the little church of St. Juraj. Additional building formed a settlement by the sea. Archbishop Averaldo built his summer residence in 1488, and castle gets its final form in 1509. The oldest center of Sucurac is Kaštilac, a yard of fortified palace – villa with the south wall opened by lavishly decorated windows in High Gothic style. Unlike other villages the square is here formed on the south side of the summer residence. Today, there is the exhibition room \\\"Podvorje\\\" where one part of archeological artifacts from Putalj is held. Tourists can find comfortable accommodation in hospitable hosts’ rooms and apartments.

Kaštel Lukšić

In the western part of modern Kaštel Lukšic Mihovil Rosani built his castle in 1482. This is an obvious example that castles were built on the sea reefs. There was a small village around Rušinac, which was abandoned due to security reasons. The church of St. Ivan is there. Nikola i Jerolim Vitturi, noblemen from Trogir, get the doge\\\'s permission to build a castle by the sea in order to protect their families and peasants of the Ostrog village on the Balovan reef. The castle was completed as a lavish palace in 1564. In the center of the castle is a yard with arcades and galleries on the 1st and 2nd floor. The Museum of the Town of Kaštela, the Tourism Board of Kaštela and some cultural institutions found their place in the renovated Vitturi castle today. It becomes a cultural center of the town. Exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows take place there. Kaštel Lukšic is well known for its Miljenko and Dobrila legend. They were Romeo and Juliet of Kaštela, lovers whose love, even though they married, end

Kaštel Štafilić

A fort with a yard, today known as castle Rotondo, was built by Stjepan Štafileo, a nobleman from Trogir in 1508 at a sea reef.Residential part is on the southern side where the gate to the boats was. The Nehaj tower was built in 1548 at the western part of Kaštel Štafilic by Ljudevit and Ivan Lodi. The tower was built up to the windows of the first floor. Building was stopped after death of the Lodi brothers. They didn’t have male successors and their daughters and sons-in-law decided to abandon the building. The Nehaj tower, although not finished capture the eye of painters, poets and tourists. Sometimes, when the tide is high it seems like the tower floats on the sea. An old gravesite with stecci (Gnostic Christian’s tombstones) surrounds the church. A shape of crescent Moon is on one of them. A medieval village Žestinj – Miran was in this area, on slopes of Trecanica Mountain. Bellow the hill there is Bijaci, an important historic settlement. It was inhabited from the Roman to the Medieval t

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