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East of Gdinj in the valley, stands the village of Bogomolje which consists of four parts
each comprising a cluster of houses: Srid Sela, Glava, Race Njiva and Jerkov dvor.
The inhabitants use two dialects (one is of the people from the mainland), the continental
mentality and manner of dressing prevail. Bogomolje is a picturesque village stretching
along the road and has the same layout as Gdinj, i.e. several hamlets connected together.
The village is interesting from an etnographical point of view, primarily because there
are several threshing-floors preserved there, those of Perinova and Radasinova Glava.
The population is mostly occupied with agriculture.

The tiny baroque parish church (1605) has a facade from 1750 and is surrounded by graves.
There is an interesting old kitchen and ante-room in the house of Mirko Barbaric.
The village harbour (Bogomolja Bristova) is on the northern side of the island about 3 km

The road from Bogomolja to Sucuraj  (18 km)  passes through Marijin dvor and Jerkovici
which together with Zaglav on the southern side of the island make up Selca Bogomoljska.
Zaglav is an interesting primitive settlement in a wild natural setting with caves
containing traces of old cultures (stairs cut in rock in the cave). 2.5 km before Sucuraj
the ground descends to an altitude of only 25 m emphasizing still more the massive bulk of
Mt. Biokovo on the mainland coast.

Both shores of this narrow neck of the island, between Gdinj and Bogomolje and further on
to Sucuraj, contain numerous attractive coves and beaches of which only the largest nave
been mentioned. The following is a list of those which due to their natural attractions
have been proclaimed protected natural areas: Mlaska (as far as Sucuraj), Krivodolac,
Studenac, Divlja Vela, Divlja Mala, Gornja Didina, Donja Didina, Mala Mosevcica, Vela
Mosevcica — on the northern coast, and on the southern: Perna, Židigova, Rasohatica,
Slivanske Lucice, Prapatna, Martinovik (mooring place) and Arižišce.

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