Salona and Trogir excursion

PRICE: 400 Kn / 53 E

PRICE INCLUDED: pick-up and drop off, car or mini van transport, professional tour guide

Walk through Salona, the former small port of Ilyrian tribe, and later the capital of the Roman Province of Dalmatia
Explore Trogir, located on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island Čiovo
Visit a variety of shops or dine at a local restaurant to partake in the area's culinary specialties

Trogir, a typical Dalmatian stone town, situated on a little island in the middle of a channel formed by main shore and island Čiovo, is the oldest urban settlement in the central Dalmatian region.
Starting with the Greek and Roman eras, every epoch left some marks on its appearance, making Trogir a unique historical blend of monuments and art.
The charm of Trogir is easily felt in every single stone street, on every noble family palace inside its walls; every bell tower tells its own story...
Salona is a very special archaeological site, because of its very unusual destiny. Namely, the biggest Roman city of the whole area, with around 60.000 inhabitants at the hight of its power, massive stone walls, forum with great temples, amphitheater, theater, early christian
basilicas, sophisticated sewage and street systems... was completely devastated in a Avar and Slavic raid in the early 7th century. As opposed to numerous sites hit by similar destiny, Salona never got inhabited afterwards, thus for centuries covered under soil, debris and grass.
The excavations started at the beginning of last century, still undergoing, and as it looks now, it will be a never-ending story. Literally, wherever you start digging, something is found!

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