Volleyball Team Sports, Training Centers and Camps, Tournaments, Tours, Packages for Fans

Volleyball Team Sports, Training Centers and Camps, Tournaments, Tours, Packages for Fans 

High standard services for a special sport… this is the vision of the people in Smokvina Sports & Travel for Volleyball…
Croatia obtained high standard facilities, after the Olympic Games of 2004, and became a very interesting Volleyball destination.
Volleyball is a unique team sport so Smokvina Sports & Travel takes care that every team in any level will get a truly unique experience. There is nothing better for a pro or an amateur club, youth or senior team than to get the chance to play against quality opponents, and to learn more about the history, the culture and the way of living in different countries.
Training Camps
- Training sessions & friendly games against top quality teams
- Flight & ferry tickets
- Luxurious private bus services
- Selected hotel accommodation
- Sightseeing
- Bilingual tour escort
September to July
Croatia – Italy – Spain – Austria – Germany – The Netherlands – Serbia - etc

Volleyball Tournaments
You haven’t experienced volleyball tournament at its finest till now? Just ask us…
Here in Smokvina Sports & Travel our aim is to provide to the teams amazing sport events. Therefore all our volleyball tournaments are selected through the years attentively and each one is professional organized but at the same time affordable.
Through a wide variety of volleyball tournaments -suitable for colleges or schools, senior or youth teams, professional or amateur clubs- PST offers options for all the teams, without reference to the level of players’ skills.   
Don’t miss the opportunity for once in your life time to come together with players from each corner of this planet and… play volleyball in international level!!!
Volleyball Tours
Improvement of volleyball skills, sightseeing, first class accommodation, safe transfers…
All the above elements are basic for the volleyball tours of Smokvina Sports & Travel. Whether the needs of your tour applies to schools or colleges, youth or senior teams, professional or amateur clubs, our staff will provide you quality services planed especially for your team. The consequence and professionalism of our people before and due the tour, is your guarantee for a memorable experience… your memorable volleyball experience!!!  
- First class accommodation
- Flight and ferry tickets
- Deluxe private bus service
- Quality friendly games
- Training sessions
- Tickets for Pro Matches
- Guided sightseeing
- Bilingual full time tour manager
Period of the Year
End of August until middle of July
Croatia – USA - Spain – Italy – Serbia – Croatia – etc

Training Centers
The constantly increasing demands of a sport like volleyball push the coaches and the administrators of the clubs –professionals or not, seniors or youths- to search and find the best conditions for the pre training camps of their players.
Smokvina Sports & Travel has understood early the developing needs of the sport and in cooperation with ideally volleyball pre training centers in Croatia and abroad, is in position to offer you excellent facilities and professional services which satisfy the requirements of the most exacting coach…

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