Italy Cup Rimini

Italy Cup Rimini

First edition 2002
1 July - 4 July 2013

Number of teams: 88

Categories: G13, G15, G17, U11, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U19, W-O

Organiser: A.C. Tropical Coriano

Region: Rimini

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International football tournament Rimini Italy: Italy Cup

Wide beaches, pleasant boulevards and various attractive resorts - some charming, others lively, but always hospitable. This is the coast around the Italian city of Rimini, which is why it is so popular with Italians and non-Italians alike. The international youth football tournaments kick off in Rimini’s historic city centre with the opening ceremony in the Romeo Neri stadium, home of AC Rimini 1912, who play in the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (formerly Serie C). Thanks to an experienced team led by Barbara Buratti, guests staying in Rimini, modern Riccione or the authentic harbour town and resort of Cesenatico are sure to be extremely well looked after.



Sunday Arrival in Rimini

Opening ceremony and team leader reception

Monday Tournament: group matches

Free to choose evening programme, option: visit to Rimini

Tuesday Tournament: group matches

Team leader match

Wednesday Tournament: group matches

Free to choose evening programme, option: visit the world’s smallest

state San Marino

Thursday Tournament: qualifying rounds, finals and festive prize-giving


Friday Departure


The Italy Cup tournament is organised by AC Tropical Coriano. AC Coriano has been in existence for more than 40 years and has 400 members. Together with the many volunteers the club is capable of organising five Euro-Sportring international youth football tournaments during spring time with a total of 200 teams. The first team plays in the higher regions of the regional league. Apart from the usual youth teams in the 8-18 age category, AC Tropical Coriano also has a team for boys aged 6-8, a ladies and a girls team.



The Italy Cup tournament is played at two to four locations. The main location is the Rimini Football Village sports complex, which is situated close to the hotels where most participants stay. The complex has seven pitches with a clubhouse, 19 dressings rooms, a conference room and a cafeteria. Matches are under the guidance of referees of the Italian football union

Tournament information

Category          Born on/after            Teams/category       Playtime        Players/team         Minimum games         Total substitutes

G13                  01.01.2000                           8                2*20                    7                              6                          99

G15                  01.01.1998                           6                2*20                   11                             6                           7

G17                  01.01.1996                           6                2*25                   11                             6                           7

U11                  01.01.2002                           8                2*20                    7                              6                          99

U13                  01.01.2000                           8                2*20                   11                             6                          99

U14                  01.01.1999                           8                2*20                   11                             6                           7

U15                  01.01.1998                          10               2*20                   11                             6                           7

U16                  01.01.1997                          10               2*25                   11                             6                           7

U17                  01.01.1996                          10               2*25                   11                             6                           7

U19                  01.01.1994                           8                2*25                   11                             6                           5

W-O                                                            6                 2*25                   11                            6                           5


Due to different deadlines - set by national soccer associations - the tournament organiser has granted dispensations for:

U19 Category:

Teams from Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg: all players born on/after 01-01 of the year before

Teams from Italy: 5 players born on/after 01-01 of the year before

Teams from USA: all players born on/after 01-08 of the year before

All categories:

Teams from England and Wales: all players born on/after 01-09 of the year before

Teams from America: all players born on/after 01-08 of the year before

Teams from Denmark: 2 players born on/after 01-10 of the year before

In the case of the U11 category free substitutions are allowed during the whole game and only boots with molded

soles (not screw-in studs) may be worn.

G17: teams from Denmark: 3 players born on/after 01.01 of the year before

G15: teams from USA and Poland: all players born on/after 01.08 of the year before

Participating countries     Winners 2011

Belgium                          G15 Näsets SK SE

Czech Republic               G17 Lisle Redwings US

Germany                         U11/7 SSC Atletic Cicciano IT

Denmark                         U13 Spartak Horni Slavkov CZ

France                            U14 Pro Calcio Napoli IT

Hungary                          U15 FK Tabor CZ

Italy                               U16 AS Beauvais FR

Netherlands                    U17 Spjald IF DK

Norway                          U19 Ellidshøj IF DK

Sweden                          W-O CAL - United US

Touristic information Rimini

Rimini (130,000 inhabitants) is the largest seaside resort on the Adriatic coast. The city has two faces. The old city in the west with Roman monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, the bridge of Tiberius and the medieval Malatesta temple. In the east you can find the attractive new city with 15 kilometres of beautiful beaches and no end of entertainment. A top spot for sunny tourism! Along the Lungomare (boulevard) you can find numerous little bars, outdoor stages, and other shows. Behind the boulevard lies the best known shopping street, the Viale Vespucci. A perfect spot to saunter around and pick up some lovely souvenirs.

Mirabilandia amusement park

Amusement park Mirabilandia lies 25 kilometres from Rimini. The green park covers a staggering 850,000 m² (almost 200 football pitches!) is filled with many attractions divided over seven areas. Each area has shops, restaurants and ice-cream parlours. At Mirabilandia there is only one entrance fee for all attractions. There are several roller-coasters, the water splash, two towers and many different spectacles. A wonderful experience for young and old. Note: only suitable for full day excursion.

Scientific futuristic park Oltremare

Scientific and futuristic park Oltremare lies in Riccione, the neighbouring town of Rimini. Here an amazing underwater world opens up in front of your eyes. Both children and adults are fascinated for a number of hours, and is very educational as well. The combination of a scientific approach (typically American) with the necessary creativity (typically Italian) makes the park extra special. You’ll encounter sharks, dinosaurs and funny seahorses. IMAX, a futuristic cinema, shows 3-D films.

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