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 Marina Dalmacija

Reception The Marina Dalmacija Reception is at your service all year round. In high season it is opened from Monday to Saturday from 8,00 to 20,00 o'clock and on Sundays from 8,00 to 12,00. Out of season the Reception is opened from 8,00 to 16,00 throught out the week and from 8,00 to 12,00 on Sundays. 

A payment might be effected in cash or credit card. We accept American Express, Visa Diners, Mastercard /Eurocard. Our reception staff will be on hand to give you information on annual or transit berths as well as any other services that are offered in the Marina.

At Marina Reception besides services of signing annual contracts, booking berths or travel lift services, check in of persons and payment, an extensive range of other services is available. Services such as sending a fax, fotocopying, getting daily weather forecast , exchange money are offered to all our customers. Exchange office commission is 2,5%. 

Berths Marina Dalmacija with its 1200 berths is the largest Croatian marina.

Berths for mega yachts

Mega yacht berths on the peninsula, called boxes, are used to accomodate boats from 20 to 25 metres. Each box safely accomodates two boats which are moored allongside. All berths are equipped with high quality water and electricity supply bollards. In line with European standard, these bollards supply the boats with three-phase electrical service of 16 amps, 32 amps and 63 amps. Water outlets are of 1 inch.


Increasing difficulty of finding a berth for large yachts and 100 percent occupancy of current berths resulted in construction of additional mega yacht berths .

It has been constructed of massive, made of concrete piers, length from 50 up to 85 meters. The sea depth is from 3 meters , at the berths designed for smaller boats, up to 7 meters at the other berths. At the Marina entrance and in the central part of Marina bay, the depth ranges from 4 up to 10 meters.

In July 2009, part of the pier no. 28 with 19 new berths for the yachts in range from 25 up to 40 metres were released for use. At these berths yachts are moored stern toward pier using the four rope mooring system.

Marina Dalmacija offers to its annual berth holders possibility of using the allocated berth for their vessels only.
In this case visitor’s boats couldn’t be moored on the berth allocated to their vessel during its absence from the Marina.
The right to the exclusive use of this berth for the particular boat increases annual berthing fee by 20% . With an Amendment both contractual parties agree to change item 5. Article 8. of the Berth Use Contract. More information could be obtained from Marina Office.


Transit pier with maximum berth length of 80 mts and maxium draft of 4 mts easily accomodates mega yachts visiting marina on daily bases. 

A special attention is paid to the safety of the vessels.Therefore they are moored stern toward pier using the four rope mooring system. To fasten a bow a pair of 20 mm thick anchoring ropes , attached to the galvanized chains and fixed to the concrete block on the sea bottom, is used. Bitter part of the mooring rope is fastened to the bollard on the pier.

The water taps are of 1 inch, with drinking water.
The water and light costs are included into berth price.

Berthing fee at  berths designed for boats over 22 metres in length doesn't include electricity and water. At  these berths electricity and water are charged on consumption, payment system based on transponder cards.

The piers in the Marina Dalmacija are equipped with high quality bollards according European standards ( IEC 60364-7-709 standards).
On each pier there are 4-6 electrical sockets, a light fixture and two water taps.
We have the service bollards and units offering two phase and three phase supplies. From simple service bollards with a triple of 16 amp sockets 220V to three phase supply sockets of 16 amp and 32 amp, 380 V.

Land storage:

In the Marina Dalmacija there are 500 land storage places, suitable for different sizes and types of vessels.
There are travel lifts of 30, 35 and 65 tons and at owener's request the same will be at the disposal in the shortest possible time.
In order to offer better service it has been purchased a new telescopic 30 tons travel lift as well as 20 tons boat mover a vehicle to provide a relocation of either sailing or motor boats within land storage area.
It is to be pointed out that the land storage, with piers, has been built for the vessels with annual crane services contract.
Land storage - Kran pass:

Please note the new service, LAND STORAGE- CRANE PASS which Marina Dalmacija offers to its berths holders. We believe that you had opportunity, either by your staying in the marina or by visiting our web site, to observe completition of piers on land where the boats using crane pass service will be situated.

To order haulout or launching, please fill in the request, Work Order Form according to Marina Dalmacija Terms and Conditions. These fees will be calculated in line with the current price list.
Vessels with special crane services contract (CRANE PASS) may have berth in the sea at a 50% discount on daily berth rate.
Favourable land storage fee which includes free travel lift operations, safety of the boat and a fact that it is not necessary to apply antifouling every year or to change zinc protectors will surely have an effect on your choice.

Land storage- CRANE PASS covers the area of 55.000 sq metres. Currently marina disposes of 120 places on three completely equipped piers. In final there will be 350 places. Piers are equipped with bollards, made according to European standards, with 4 to 6 el. sockets of 220 or 380 V, lights and water taps.

Please contact the Marina Reception for further details on LAND STORAGE- CRANE PASS – special offer inclusive of free travel lift services.

In order to make the haulout or launch services more efficient and faster we have purchased a new trollift of 30 tons and a 20 tons boat mover, vehicle to provide fast transfer (relocation) of both sailing and motor boats within land storage area.  

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